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Abdoulaye Thiossane N'Diaye
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TITLE:    La Pirogue PRICE:   $ 40 SIZE:     39.5 x 11.5" COLOR:  B & W 

La Pirogue:  C’est l’histoire de Madicke Samba N’Dam Khai N’Diaye et ses cinq garcons.  Le premier garcon s’appele Maladjeye N’Diaye, le deuxieme Maleyedjeye N’Diaye, le troisieme Dethiebeyedjeye N’Diaye, le quatrieme N’Diaye, et le cinquieme Samba Senaba N’Diaye.  Tous etaient decorer par le roi (Damel du Cayor).  Et c’est eux qui sont mes grandperes.  Ils sont des dessandent du Bomba Diollof, le roi du Diollof.  Et c’est apres qu’ils sont transforme en griots et guerres.

The Pirogue:  This is the story of Madicke Samba N’Dam Khai N’Diaye and his five sons.  The first son was named Maladjeye N’Diaye, the second Maleyedjeye N’Diaye, the third Dethiebeyedjeye N’Diaye, the third N’Diaye, and the fifth Samba Senaba N’Diaye.  They were all decorated by the king (King of Cayor) and are all grandfathers of mine.  They were descendents of Bomba Diollof, the king of Diollof.  It was after that they were transformed into griots and  guerres.

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